Over the last 10 years, my sole purpose has been to enhance human performance via digital solutions and make technology more humane.
I am a designer by way of engineering who uses a technology-agnostic approach to tackle business and user concerns. I have been obsessed with complex technology systems, employing human-centred design, conceiving ideas from 30,000 feet and applying them from 30 feet, since 2012.

As of 2022, I have devoted 20,000+ hours to 60+ digital projects to create 8000+ UI screens while working with startups and Fortune 50 companies across various industries. As a result, I can address complex design problems with a seasoned perspective.
My major design success included improving online education for 20 million users in 12,000 national schools globally and revamping Microsoft's sophisticated internal project management suite.
I have been mentoring designers through ADPlist, and coaching Designlab students worldwide since 2021.
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